Export Search Limits

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David Ames | Forum Activity | Posted: Thu, Nov 8 2012 6:21 AM

Export Search Limits

What are the limits to the Export of a Search?

With the new upgrades I have 206 new articles in 115 new resources to add to a prior study.

This gives me a total of 1194 articles in 545 resources in the study

I thought that it would be nice to format a file with the list to use as a check list so I tried Exporting to RTF file [also tried txt file] and the program crashed 

Yes, I could do visible only but that is 6 pages of 8 screens each

[Am guessing but it looks like it tries to format the entire output in memory and then output it to disk [as the program crashes most likely when it gets a out of memory error] instead of writing the output file as it goes along. [then it would not crash until it ran out of disk space] 


Note to Programmer on how to do this: algorithm – Open txt file, format next line, write to file, if more then go back to ‘format next line’, close txt file [Yes, I know that GOTO is seen as a FORBIDDEN COMMAND but it was out of control GOTO that got programmers into trouble not carefully designed ones] ] 

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