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Tom Blanchard | Forum Activity | Posted: Wed, Dec 2 2009 1:30 AM

Help! A lot of us guys are color-perception challenged, thought not truly color-blind. We have trouble with shades of red and green. Looking at your Upgrade Discounter page, the difference in color between "Books you own" and "Books you get" is non-existent for me. My wife could probably see them fine, and if I stare at the screen from an angle, I can see a difference in shading. I won't even mention what the dots look like on the right! I just try to keep the columns straight.

But if it's a fairly easy thing to change, could you put one of those two categories over on the blueish side of the color circle? For most of us, that usually solves the problem.

(So at the resurrection, I'll be able to see shades of colors I've never seen before? Cool!)

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