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Unix | Forum Activity | Posted: Wed, Jan 2 2013 11:58 AM

I have OLL, so I have some lexicons and vocabulary books.  I've also bought one book that teaches Gk really cheap on pre-pub, it's from 2012 and it was really good value for money. I'm learning Gk on my own, and later on classical Gk in Uni, and after 1½ years of full time studies of Theology (perhaps I'll read part-time) I'll be taking Biblical Gk classes. But I'm not going to buy BDAG now, I'll wait until ~ 2021 when a new Edition comes out (that guess is based on how frequently the Editions have come out so far).
So, my question, are the following two quality resources or is there something else I should be purchasing? I'm in no hurry purchasing, You can give me advice later if You want by bumping this thread:

It would be cheaper to just get these two resources. More questions: can there be doctrinal or denominational bias in the above two resources? Would that matter?

I haven't found any topical bundles appealing, I discussed the NT bundle Medium in: Question about the NT bundle.

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Keep Smiling 4 Jesus :) | Forum Activity | Replied: Wed, Jan 2 2013 5:48 PM

Looking at reply with Biblical Language package contents => noticed inclusion of => so may want to contact Logos Academic Sales about upgrading to Logos 5 Biblical Languages.

By the way, Greek Audio New Testament can be used with Nestle Aland 28th edition.   The Greek Medium Bundle includes a book by Eberhard Nestle => plus includes several beginning Greek grammar books.  Small bundle includes an intermediate grammar =>  An advanced grammar => is in many base packages: Verbum Capstone plus Logos 5 Gold and higher.

Product page => includes download links for PDFs (free).

Christmas special 2012 included Vines expository dictionary => that is a discussion lexicon because word usage is discussed along with including meaning.

My top prioritized Greek New Testament is from a bundle purchase =>

Wiki has => that includes link =>$3a_Lexham_Discourse_Greek_New_Testament

Learning New Testament Greek Now and Then => includes Sentence Diagramming along with using Logos.

Logos offers DVD's for learning Greek and Hebrew => that needs Hebrew revisions for Logos 5.

Discourse Grammar video series => includes many insights about various uses of conjunctions.

Logos has a Greek New Testament page =>

Keep Smiling Smile

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