computer rebooting while indexing Logos

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Mike | Forum Activity | Replied: Mon, Apr 15 2013 10:04 AM

Hello Thomas,

I understand that your computer is physically powering off during indexing. If that is correct, the Logos log files are not really helpful because the computer has shut down suddenly – Logos is not given time to record an exception or information about the problem. However, a windows shutdown wouldn’t be logged by our program anyway. This would be recorded in your Windows Event Viewer. That being said, I’m familiar with these symptoms and I’d be glad to explain them to you.

Why does a computer shut itself off?

When a computer powers itself off, this is generally occurring because it is attempting to prevent damage from over-heating – most often due to a fan failure, or clogged/blocked vents.

How does Logos or the Indexer “cause” this?

Indexing is a very “resource-intensive” process, meaning that is uses a lot of CPU power and causes a lot of Hard Drive activity (both reading books and writing the index). This is going to generate a lot of heat inside your computer which should be dispersed and vented by your CPU heat-sink and fans if your cooling system is working properly. (A program, like the Logos Indexer, is not capable of using your CPU beyond its rated capabilities unless you’ve manually “over-clocked” your processor.)

How to fix it:

  1. The first way to deal with this issue is to check your vents. Make sure they’re not dusty, clogged or blocked. Make sure you’re using your computer on an open, hard/flat surface, like a table or desk to ensure proper ventilation (not inside a “computer cabinet” like you might find in a furniture store – these “computer desks” ruin computers all the time).
  2. If external air-flow isn’t an issue, you may need to open the case and ensure that all of the fans are running properly. If you’re using a laptop, or a desktop with a protection plan of some kind, you may want to have this done by a certified technician.
    It may also be necessary to remove the heat sink and re-install it with fresh coat of thermal paste (the super-conductive gel that aids in transmitting heat from the CPU surface to the heat sink). This should not be attempted unless you have experience mounting and installing processors.
  3. Lastly, if this is all functional, it may be possible that the software (“firmware” or “drivers”) to control fan speed is not speeding up the fans correctly and needs to be updated or reinstalled by the manufacturer.


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Thomas Arrington | Forum Activity | Replied: Mon, Apr 15 2013 12:38 PM

Sir thank you for your advice and I have done all that you have suggested with the exception of cracking open the case.  I guess my biggest concern is that the computer operates fine with microsoft Word, powerpoint, Adobe Acrobat, photoshop and Logos open all at the same time.  with things running inside the programs.

But I can reboot the computer with nothing but the essentials running and allow the indexer to run and It immediately reboots.  That doesn't sound like a heating issue, I may be wrong, and will go thru the cost and time of locating a Toshiba dealer but trying to validate that this is the case before going thru this expense and loss of equipment for a  couple of weeks.


Computer equiment:

Toshiba Qosmio X870

Intel Core I5

8 Gig Ram

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