Bundle print/e-books plan?

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Nicholas Roland | Forum Activity | Posted: Thu, Sep 5 2013 7:00 AM

I recently read about some companies offering a plan that allows you to buy a print book and then a digital copy at a discounted rate (not sure how tight the forum policies are for referring to other companies, so I'll leave it at that). I've often wondered if Logos could ever work out a partnership like this. I am still really attached to print books, but I love the features that Logos brings to Bible study. If they ever offered a deal with publishers to bundle the print copy and a Logos copy for a combined discounted price, I would be all over that. I understand that a Logos resource is a lot more than just an e-book with all of the links, so there would still be extra costs involved. I casually combed the forum to see if anyone has brought this up. Any possibility of something like this?

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Mike Childs | Forum Activity | Replied: Thu, Sep 5 2013 7:12 AM

If it were found to be mutually beneficial to the book publisher and to Logos, I am sure they will.  But it must be something that increases sales / profits, and not something that cuts into the bottom line from a business perspective.  Since Logos books take much more tagging and work to produce than something like an epub or Kindle edition, it may not be profitable. 

However, I believe it has already been done a few times.  There have been a few paper books that included a cd with the Logos version of the book.  Perhaps, if the publishers included the Logos version with every paper copy sold, they might sell more books and the volume might make it profitable to include the Logos version.  Perhaps if included Logos version was available for free download to the purchaser of the paper book, that might be more efficient than including a cd.

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Mark Smith | Forum Activity | Replied: Thu, Sep 5 2013 7:49 AM

Nicholas Roland:
I casually combed the forum to see if anyone has brought this up.

As Michael said sometime did do this. It was Fortress Press. They released a series of books that included a CD with the book in Logos format on the CD. The one I bought was Palestine in the Time of Jesus. Since that initial group of books, Fortress has stopped doing this. If Logos' publisher's wanted to do this I'd imagine Logos would be willing to play along for the right price. Since Logos resources have extra tagging, etc. they would be more expensive than Kindle versions, however.

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