Gottingen Septuagint now more useful in Logos 5.1

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Tim Finlay | Forum Activity | Posted: Tue, Sep 24 2013 6:16 PM

I read Morris Procter's great blog tip on creating a series from your own book that is now possible in Logos 5.1 So first, I made my own morphological complete Bible from Lexham Hebrew Bible and UBS4 (I intend to use NA27 in a separate series of an all-Greek Bible and probably NA28 in a third series). Then I thought why not create three series from all my Gottingen Septuagint books, one for the basic Biblical books, one for the first apparatus to each of the Biblical books and one for the second apparatus to each of the Biblical books. The good folks at Logos were one ahead of me and have already put them into 4 series--the ones I mentioned and one for the alternate texts. So now you can set your screen with the Gottingen Bible in one panel, the first apparatus in another, and the second apparatus in a third panel, link them all together and jump anywhere in the LXX that has a Gottingen edition and everything will follow.

Well done LOGOS and thanks, Morris, for that great tip!

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