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Jorge Vilos Barrera | Forum Activity | Posted: Mon, Oct 7 2013 10:03 AM

Hello friends, God bless you. First I want to apologize for the translation , since he did not speak English and traduaccion I did this online text . Yesterday , I discovered a way to bring the sermon in my tablet , with biblical texts and homiletic discourse in a note accompanying the biblical text , which , I love , for I hold the tools acquired and, versatile meeting and fast , especially when I have many texts acompañana the sermon . Now I do not know if it is possible to add in the application of a section for android labels, ie , a section that is more versatile than the favorites section , by which , if I had a section only for bookmarks, texts could manage I checked in a fast , and , better yet, if these texts marked the second I can categorize the need would be great. Also not if exsite the ability to add in android reader options having IOS , including the ability to set the background color sephia, that helps a lot for reading. I know there are many things that are trivial , and that one person who asks is very complex to implement , but , if in the future , may be implemented as a note in a text, a section that is unique to sermons , with hyperlinks for fast text within the application and the ability to put colors in the notes and not only in the text. Well , maybe asking a lot , but believe me , would be a powerful tool for those who carry a tablet on leaf look . Thank you very much for your work, your work has been excellent . God bless you.

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