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Nathan Parker | Forum Activity | Posted: Sat, Oct 19 2013 12:37 PM

After taking John Fallahee's webinar the other week on the End Times, I've thought up a few enhancements to the L5 Timeline that'd be neat. I'm also posting this on UserVoice:

1. Preterite View End Times Events. While I personally don't hold to this view, it'd be fun to have it displayed in the Timeline just in case I was teaching a class on Eschatology and wanting to contrast the various views.

2. Letters to the Seven Churches Dates: The dates that scholars assume the letters to the Seven Churches were delivered.

3. Church History View of the Seven Churches: For those that hold to the view of the Seven Churches representing Church History, adding that data to the Timeline would again be interesting for a class.

4. L4 Timeline Data: Merge the data from the L4 Timelines into L5. It'd even be fine if you ditched the L4 files from my drive if need be.

5. Timelines in Passage Gude: Being able to link to the L5 Timeline from the Passage Guide.

6. Prophecy Mode: It'd be fun to click a button and go into a "Prophecy Mode" to see a timeline of events that hasn't yet happened (for example, contrasting the various Rapture, Millennium, and Tribulation views). It wouldn't show concrete dates in this view (since they're unfulfilled events), but it could still show stretches of time and allow someone teaching a class on Eschatology to contrast the various views. Sure, we can get all of this in charts inside Logos books, but the Timeline would be quicker to access, cleaner and more customizable to look at, and more flexible.

7. I also have a copy of TImeline Charts from the Western Church I used in a Church History class. If anyone at Logos needs a copy of it for some more inspiration for the L5 Timeline, let me know and I'd be happy to mail it to you (I don't need the hard copy anymore). It's got a good deal of timeline information Logos may like looking over for innovation.


Nathan Parker

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