Quick Help For 1st Semester Hermeneutics Students

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Christopher Carlson | Forum Activity | Posted: Mon, Nov 25 2013 12:12 PM

Our Hermeneutics class' semester project was to create a Teaching Outline on Matt 6: 9-15. As part of this project we were required to complete a 5 minute video summarizing our work for the semester. In addition, we could post it online and solicit feedback from people who would be constructively critical of the video. If you have the time to help us out we would gladly appreciate it.Please do the following:

  • Watch the 5 minute video at http://youtu.be/HkpKnBFBzQ4
  • Provide feedback by answering the following two questions
    • What is the best thing in the video and why
    • What could be improved and how?
  • You can provide feedback either in the YouTube comments or on this thread.

The video was supposed to be a maximum of 5 minutes - so that is why it feels rushed. (It's hard to condense a semester's work into 5 minutes)

The last 1.5 minutes of the video is devoted to how using the Logos Bible Software helped us to complete the research necessary for the Teaching Outline.

My apologies to the forum and Logos if this is an inappropriate use of the forum. However, I have found this group to be very helpful and welcome your comments on our short video.

Also, I would like to thank Logos for their educational discount program. I know of 30 seminary students that now have the start to a very nice personal library that would not have been possible 20 years ago at any price. Thank you.

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