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Robert Carter | Forum Activity | Posted: Mon, Mar 24 2014 2:42 PM

I received an E-mai from Logos with an offer for a 7 day trial from Video Blocks.

If anyone is considering this, please be careful. I had a 7 day trial and decided not to continue with any subscription.
Despite that, Video Blocks kept billing me differing amounts each month.One month's subscription was refunded but there is still a dispute in question.
This is now the matter of a disputed claim with my banking institution.

A search on the web reveals that this seems to be common ploy by that company and it borders on being illegal.

They have told others that there is a fine print clause saying that they reserve the right to bill, but the documentation they sent me had no such statement.

I emailed Video Blocks and they cancelled the account, but suddenly started sending me so many marketing emails it is so annoying I have created a mailing rule to automatically flag it as junk.



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