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Jacob Hantla | Forum Activity | Posted: Wed, Dec 30 2009 12:26 PM

The addition of offline reading just took the Logos app from useful to indispensable for me!

I find my reading of books has almost doubled since this app came out. It's perfect while waiting for meetings (people are always late when you don't have anything to read!) and almost anything else. And now that I don't have search for a hotspot for my iPod Touch I am truly free to read on the fly.

Now, if syncing to my highlights, notes, and prayerlists were possible, I think we'd have the world's finest app.

Jacob Hantla
Pastor/Elder, Grace Bible Church

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Michael Krogstad | Forum Activity | Replied: Wed, Dec 30 2009 1:49 PM

Did you find this happening with the latest download of the app?


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davidphillips | Forum Activity | Replied: Wed, Dec 30 2009 2:14 PM


Yes, it is a new addition to the app and was released yesterday (or perhaps late Monday). See this thread here for information: Books must be individually marked for download, and it seems to be best to open the book and skip to different parts first before downloading it (this is a bug that is being addressed).


I agree! This is fantastic. I'm loving being able to read on my iPod without having wi-fi access.

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Michael Krogstad | Forum Activity | Replied: Wed, Dec 30 2009 2:48 PM

Thanks for the reference link.  Looking forward to checking this out.  Might have to consider a bigger iTouch.  ;)  :(

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Andrew Loney | Forum Activity | Replied: Wed, Dec 30 2009 7:28 PM

Yea! Yea!! Yea!!!
Without offline reading, the iphone app was useless for me. Unless I am in a WiFi hotspot, the bandwidth is just too limited.
I found myself reading LESS and using the competition's Bible reader (which is still a wonderful app, but doesn't give me access to all of my Logos resources).

Thank you!
Thank you for fixing the Logos iPhone app so quickly to allow offline reading. This is critical for me.
I'm a longtime user of Logos software on the PC (while the Internet was still an infant). Now that so many biblical resources are readily available on the Internet, the biggest value of Logos to me is that I have local (offline) access to a vast library of integrated resources.

I hope Logos will always have an offline capability.

Is my favorite Bible (NASB) available offline?
The indicator on the iPhone is confusing. On the one hand it has a label that reads available offline
Below that is the switch to turn ON offline for the NASB, but it is grayed out and won't allow me to activate NASB for offline reading.
Is there a reason NASB is not available for offline reading?
Any books that aren't available for offline reading should indicate such with an appropriate label such as not available offline

Did I say thank you for offline reading?
God bless,


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Jonathan Burke | Forum Activity | Replied: Wed, Jan 27 2010 8:31 AM

Oh great, now it looks like I'm going to have to buy an iPhone after all. Thanks a lot Logos. I've been holding out grimly, but Logos is the killer app which makes an iPhone worth owning.

Edit: Of course, if this works on an iPod (as indicated above), that's even better.

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Steve Burrow | Forum Activity | Replied: Wed, Jan 27 2010 3:51 PM


I was set on getting an Android.  Then, the iPhone app came out.  Guess what?  My wife and I both own iPhones as of the 1st of the year.  It has been worth it.

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Joel J. | Forum Activity | Replied: Thu, Jan 28 2010 2:00 PM


How much space does it take up for offline reading?  I'd like to download books to an iphone (well, in my case, an ipod touch).

Trouble is, I'm not sure if 8gb will be enough room -- or if I should go with a 32gb instead.

Let me know, if you can, how much gb the books take up.




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Michael Krogstad | Forum Activity | Replied: Thu, Jan 28 2010 2:17 PM

I would recommend you go with the 32GB.  I have an 8GB iTouch and from what I am seeing I have consumed around 2 GB between a couple of bible apps and the logos books I have downloaded which is about 5 or 6.  With the other Bible apps I have downloaded maybe a couple dozen or so bible versions and then the same in commentaries.  I keep bouncing off music and have totally done away with any podcasts, which is a bummer.  Right now, I wish I had at least a 32GB model.  If I won the lotto, I would get a 64GB one.  Oh, that's right, you have to play the lotto to win at it. Wink Guess I am sticking with my 8GB.

I will say the offline features are really nice.


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