4.0a SR-2: Out of Memory crash

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Rosie Perera | Forum Activity | Posted: Thu, Dec 31 2009 2:11 AM

I attempted to run a Passage Guide on the entire Bible (Gen-Rev), as suggested by Martha in this post. Actually, I made it even more burdensome on Logos (by mistake) -- I was doing it in a layout that I'd set up with My Passage Guide and My Exegetical Guide and Cited By all open and linked together. So it was trying to do the entire Bible on all three of those at once, while the Indexer was running to boot. Whew!

Logos crunched on it for a while and then crashed. Admittedly I was being unfair to expect Logos to run such a memory intensive operation (even though I've got a whopping 8 GB). But crashing when you run out of memory is not appropriate behavior in any application. Putting up an out of memory error message and exiting gracefully would be preferred.

Here are the logs: 7343.OutOfMemoryException.zip

Just to be fair, I tried again starting up with a blank layout and opened just the Passage Guide and ran it on Genesis-Revelation, with the Indexer paused. This time I got a different error "exception 0x80030070: There is insufficient disk space to complete operation." But I've got over 400 GB of free disk space! (Perhaps it's trying to use a RAM disk for temporary work space and running out of memory??? But I don't know whether I've got a RAM disk nor how to tell in Vista; I haven't intentionally set one up.)

Here are the logs for this second version of the crash: 3542.InsufficientDiskSpace.zip

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Mark Barnes | Forum Activity | Replied: Thu, Dec 31 2009 3:24 AM


I would guess that this (and your other related SQLite problem) could be due to files not being released properly following the crash. I would suggest: (a) Checking to see if you have two copies of Logos or the Indexer running, and (b) Rebooting.

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