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MJ. Smith | Forum Activity | Posted: Tue, Jun 10 2014 1:50 AM

This series isn't quite as important to me as the Zacchaeus series but it is a solid series by authors who should be (or are) in Logos. Again this is not a complete list.

  • Earliest Version of John's Gospel: Recovering the Gospel of Signs by Urban C. Von Wahlde
  • Leadership in Paul by Helen Doohan
  • Q: The Sayings of Jesus by Ivan Havener
  • The mission of Christ and His Church: Studies on Christology and ecclesiology by John P Meier
  • A Galilean Rabbi and His Bible: Jesus' Use of the Interpreted Scripture of His Time by Bruce D. Chilton
  • St. Paul's Corinth: Texts and Archaeology by Jerome Murphy-O'Connor OP
  • Woman and Man in Paul: Overcoming a Misunderstanding by Norbert Baumert, Patrick Madigan and Linda M. Maloney
  • Sermon on the Mount: Proclamation and Exhortation by Jan Lambrecht
  • Peter in Matthew: Discipleship, Diplomacy, and Dispraise by Arlo J. Nau
  • Paul the Apostle and His Cities by Sherman E. Johnson
  • Our Journey With Jesus: Discipleship According to Luke - Acts by Dennis M. Sweetland
  • Palestinian Judaism and the New Testament by Martin McNamara
  • The Apocalypse: The Perennial Revelation of Jesus Christ by Francis Moloney and Eugenio Corsini
  • Paul the Letter-Writer: His World, His Options, His Skills by Jerome Murphy-O'Connor OP
  • The Book of Revelation: The Open Book of Prophecy by Charles Homer Giblin
  • History and Heresy: How Historical Forces Can Create Doctrinal Conflicts by Joseph F. Kelly PhD
  • The Letters of Paul: An Introduction by Charles B. Puskas Jr.
  • Being Poor: A Biblical Study by Leslie J. Hoppe
  • Jesus and His Towns by Sherman E. Johnson
  • The Student's Guide to the Gospels by James M. Reese OSFS
  • Christ Is Community: The Christologies of the New Testament by Jerome H. Neyrey
  • Paul's Vision of Church by Helen Doohan
  • Becoming Human Together: The Pastoral Anthropology of St. Paul by Jerome Murphy-O'Connor
  • Letters That Paul Did Not Write by Raymond F. Collins
  • The Unity of Luke's Theology: An Analysis of Luke-Acts by Robert F. O'Toole
  • John's Thought and Theology: An Introduction by Daniel J. Harrington
  • Kingdom of God in History by Benedict T. Viviano

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