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toughski | Forum Activity | Posted: Sun, Sep 7 2014 7:10 AM

Logos5 can sort user notes by date added. However, it does not display the actual date. I am working on a project with another missionary (who does not have Logos, unfortunately) and we constantly share notes together. I would like to be able to send just the notes added since xyz date, but currently it is not possible.

Likewise, I really don't understand the design idea of "sort by date added" feature. How did Logos envision using it? If I modify an existing note, it should be placed as the most recent, but it does not currently. Also, with such a sort, there should be ability to sort by newest-first, or oldest-first. Currently, there is absolutely no indication which way it is sorted. Are the notes at the top of my list newest or oldest?

Do you have any other NOTES sorting design ideas?

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