I dont have all my resources from Libronix on my new Logos 5. Where do I go?

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Fernando Marquez Cantu | Forum Activity | Posted: Tue, Oct 14 2014 7:32 PM

I dont have all my resources from Libronix on my new Logos 5. Where do I go from here?

Fernando M.

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Keep Smiling 4 Jesus :) | Forum Activity | Replied: Tue, Oct 14 2014 7:47 PM

Welcome Big Smile

Was the same id used for Libronix and Logos 5 resource licenses ?

What Libronix resource(s) are missing ?

Note: reverse interlinear resources changed between Libronix 3 and Logos 4.

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Mike Binks | Forum Activity | Replied: Wed, Oct 15 2014 1:43 AM

Fernando Marquez Cantu:

I dont have all my resources from Libronix on my new Logos 5. Where do I go from here?

Fernando M.

Best ring Customer Services and ask.

Note time difference.

Use Skype if making an international call.

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TCBlack | Forum Activity | Replied: Wed, Oct 15 2014 6:02 AM
  1. Did you sync licenses from Libronix to the servers?
  2. Did you use the same ID and Login information with L5 as you did with Libronix?

If the answer to both of these is yes and you're still not seeing any resources or downloads, Please enable Logging (http://wiki.logos.com/Diagnostic_Logging ), Close Logos, do not restart Logos until you've uploaded your logs here. (Logos rewrites logs when it starts). 

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Ricky Daugherty | Forum Activity | Replied: Sun, Oct 19 2014 3:18 PM

I would agree with other posts first confirming that your licenses under the same Logos Account User ID and they were synced with the Libronix Server, at least before they discontinued that Libronix Server so you can no longer Sync via that internet connect.  Recently that Libronix Server is not longer available to update your Libronix library, but there are manual methods via email with License file attachments it can still be done for the moment.

On another note.  It has been my experience that there are many Libronix Resources that were never converted to Logos 4 and thus are not in Logos 5.  I have many of the Libronix eBible Lifeworks Libraries which have a lot of Audio and Video resources that do not exist in Logos 4 or Logos 5.  As a result those will not exist in the new versions regardless of any synchronizing of licenses.  The focus was mostly on books.  I did have one Libronix collection that did include the Videos that were upgraded in the New Versions, but not from the other library collections.

Logos also abandoned all of our User Created Books or any you may have downloaded from elsewhere, because they did not want to create a conversion program to convert them to the newer formats.  They told me you have to browse each User Created Book separately and save each of the pages in the format they suggest, then recreate those books one-by-one, page-by-page, into Logos 4 and/or Logos 5, which is very time consuming, and if you have hundreds of such books as I do, forget it.

Then there are all the User Created Timelines or User Defined Timelines.  The native Timelines Logos originally created is upgraded, however, any User Created Timelines you created or downloaded that other created, forget it, because, Logos decided not enough people were using those User Defined Timelines so they discontinued them and the latest I was told by Bob, the president, that while they had plans to later restore them, they have since abandoned those plans and the User Defined Timelines will never exist in Logos absent any proof they were being used enough to justify keeping them.

One last category, there are a  few books that Logos previous published in Libronix, that they have since lost the licenses (contract rights to) from the publishers to.  I have a couple of those books, because the book when opened in Libronix says it is no longer available.  At one point my Libronix recource update replaced my working copy from my Installation CD with a copy from their website that has the contents removed to prevent me reading it, with the statement that is no longer available or something to that effect--been a long time since I saw it since I can't read those books anyway.  I suspect those also would not be included in Logos 4 or 5 for the same reason because Logos never resolved contract issues to restore their publication under their Logos Software Engine Display.

In short, even with newer books that only work in Logos 5, and will not exist in Logos 4 or even Libronix Logos 3, I still have more books in my Libronix Logos 3 library than I currently have in my Logos 4 and Logos 5 based on the reasons I just mentioned.

Funny I asked Customer Service about this same issue of missing books when I first got Logos 4, but they could not answer me assuming I should have all my resources, and I was later unable to find the answers on this forum.

After a lot of research and conversations with the Bob, the above are the exceptions you will not find in your Logos 5 library from your Libronix collection for any foreseeable future.

On the other hand if you are missing specific resources that are currently being sold on the Logos Website, then I would consider looking into the License synchronizing issue.    If you only recently purchased Logos 5, since the Libronix Synchronization Server no longer exists to upload your current library licenses, you should still have the option to go where you can save your libronix licenses as a backup, and save the file where you can find it, then attach that file as an email attachment to Logos email address and request they synchronize those licenses with your account.

If as stated by others, that your licenses are all under the same user id, which is usually your email address, at least mine is, if they are the same accounts your account should afterwards include (with the exception of all the non-excluded above) any missing books you have added to your account after they process that attachment.  Beyond that if you still do not get the missing books, ones still sold on their website now, then I can not help.

Hope this information is useful.  Best wishes and may God bless you. 

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