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Matthew Langlois | Forum Activity | Posted: Mon, Nov 24 2014 8:46 PM

I just bought and downloaded the 

Mobile Ed: Craig A. Evans New Testament Backgrounds Bundle (6 courses)

and absolutely love it as with all of my M.ed courses.  One thing I noticed, and similar to what Rosie mentioned in her thread:

is the inconsistency with the backdrop shading for the videos.  Here is what I mean:

NT331: The video has a cream colored background.  Next...

NT307: Again, the cream colored backdrop.  And, finally...

NT306:  The Dead Sea Scrolls and the New Testament the video backdrop/background is not cream colored but almost transparent/white.  I actually like this, but would much prefer for there to be consistency between all videos and courses.

NT308:  Seems fine to me with the cream colored backdrop.

In NT311 there is something definitely wrong here and this seems to be the type of strange artifacting that Rosie experienced.  Two different colored bars.  we definitely need color background consistency here.

Same sort of effect happening here in the intro of NT311 as well.

In NT312 color seems consistent but at the 5 second mark it abruptly stops.  Will download like all my media/video content and report back on that one later.

NT313 looks consistent with the backdrop shading.

Also, on a sidenote, I noticed that not all of my courses are showing up in my sidebar, but are in fact listed in my library.  Something to fix as well.  I intend to purchase all of the M.ed courses, and I am sure these issues will be fixed.  


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Josh Burdick | Forum Activity | Replied: Wed, Nov 26 2014 2:17 PM

Matthew, thank you for your thoroughness in documenting this problem. We have identified the root cause and are now actively working on correcting the issue so that the background is consistent throughout all Mobile Ed courses and on all platforms. Right now it appears this is a Windows only issue. Mobile and Mac users shouldn't be affected. 

Unfortunately this is not a quick fix as it involves re-transcoding all of our videos and updating each video resource. We will roll these changes out over the next couple of months starting with BI100 and NT221 (already in the queue for resource updates).

As for the sidebar issue there is currently a limit of 5 slots for the "Courses" category widget on the Homepage. This cannot be changed but the link at the bottom will open up a Library panel that will display all of your Mobile Ed courses.  

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Matthew Langlois | Forum Activity | Replied: Wed, Nov 26 2014 6:10 PM

Great, and thank you very much Josh!  I look forward to your progress in the matter, and you will all be in my prayers.  Please keep us updated.


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