Minutes of The Sessions of the Westminster Assembly Of Divines

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These MINUTES OF THE SESSIONS OF ΤHE WESTMINSTER ASSEMBLY OF DIVINES are in no way exhaustive, and should not be confused with the 5 Volume set being sold by Westminster Books, although this collection might be a part of it.  What stands out is the dedication and care taken by the Divines to present an accurate statement for us today. Even to the point of breaking off their debates to call a Fast; “A fast shall be held some day this week by this Assembly to humble ourselves before God and to pray for direction and blessing upon the work that is committed to the Assembly”.

I retrieved this work as a PDF from Archive org. who provided the following copyright status; possible copyright status: Not_In_Copyright. So I assume posting is OK.

Thanks to all for your contributions,

Dave L

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Philip G Layton | Forum Activity | Replied: Mon, Dec 29 2014 8:35 AM

Thank you Dave! This is a wonderful tribute and insight to the heritage of the Reformed faith.

All - if any of you would like an electronic copy of the Westminster Annotations and Commentary on the Whole Bible (multi-volume by several of the divines published later in 1657) it can be ordered in PDF from swrb at below link:


I haven't found a format that can be easily converted to Word as of yet but have found it interesting to read their commentary on various passages which in some ways differed from earlier Geneva Bible notes and later Puritan commentaries like Matthew Henry, etc.

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Dave L | Forum Activity | Replied: Mon, Dec 29 2014 12:05 PM

Thanks for the link Philip. That's a great find. Also, Westminster Books offers "The Minutes and Papers of the Westminster Assembly, 1643-1653 (5 Volume Set) Hardcover – November 25, 2012." It sells for around $1000 and is worth every penny from what I hear. I'm hoping Logos will look into this and consider it for a project.

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