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P A | Forum Activity | Posted: Sun, Mar 8 2015 9:12 AM


Can someone tell me the relationship between the following bibles and how are they different?

Are they just different revisons of the Louis Segond?  Who uses what Bible? Do the  French use a different version to Swiss French/ Canadian French?

French is not my first language.


Thank you


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Alain Maashe | Forum Activity | Replied: Sun, Mar 8 2015 11:29 AM

These are all revisions of the 1880 translation of the Bible by Swiss scholar Louis Segond.

The 1910 Louis Segond was the first major revision made after the death of Louis Segond. It was the most popular version in the 20th century, it uses a rather archaic French, although not as archaic  as what the KJV is for English.

Another popular Segond Bible was the 1978 revision by the Alliance Biblique Universelle (ABU), called "Bible a la Colombe" because of the dove (colombe) that was on the cover. It was an extensive modernization of the archaic 1910 edition.

A more limited revision of the 1910 Segond, la Nouvelle Edition de Genève was published by the Societe Biblique de Geneve in 1979

In 2002 , the ABU made another revision, called "La Nouvelle Bible Segond" (NBS), using more recent Hebrew and Greek critical texts (BHS and NA27) and again modernizing the language to follow the French usage at that time.

in 2007, another revision, la Bible Second 21 was produced by la Société biblique de Genève.  intending to reflect "the original with words of today" in a bid to reflect 21st century French usage.

I have all of the major revisions but I still prefer the 1978 Bible a la Colombe.

To summarize things we have the standard 1910 version and two revisions each by two Bible societies:

The Alliance Biblique Universelle: 1978 Bible a la Colombe and the 2002 La Nouvelle Bible Segond

The Société biblique de Genève: 1979 la Nouvelle Edition de Genève and la Bible Second 21 in 2007.

The mention of Geneve /Switzerland has only to do with the place of publication, not with what country uses what version (Switzerland is actually a small market for these Bible). Most of them are being sold in Africa where Christianity is growing while it is shrinking in French speaking Europe and mostly sustained by foreigners.

All these versions are used in French speaking countries in Europe, Africa, and Canada.

Posts 879
P A | Forum Activity | Replied: Sun, Mar 8 2015 1:54 PM

Thank you much  Alain

You have been very helpful!

P A Smile

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