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Pete De Bonte | Forum Activity | Posted: Sat, Mar 14 2015 12:21 PM

SUMMARY OF REQUEST: May we have Descriptions for documents that we share (Publish or Collaborate) as we already do for Uploaded documents?

FEATURE RECIPROCITY: I've noticed that in the Documents section of Faithlife Groups:

  • "Upload a document" presents a "File upload" dialog allowing a Title and Description.
  • "Manage your Logos documents" and then Actions> Publish presents a "Publish to these groups" dialog, but lacks the option for a Description.

This post was motivated by recent membership in two Faithlife Groups dedicated to sharing documents (Logos Visual Filters and Logos Clippings).  Users have shared much in the Documents sections of those groups (become a member to see); however, without obtaining a private copy of every one of them, it is difficult to understand what the documents are (e.g. what a particular Visual Filter might do, and how it differs from another, similarly named one).


  1. I believe file descriptions would enhance Logos Document sharing not only for these 2 groups (which are prime examples) but also in general.
  2. Moreover, if we could have descriptions, could they be editable?  It would be super if contributors to the Visual Filters group could go back and add descriptions to their very helpful past contributions! : )

FOR MORE INFO: this post is a result of a discussion in the Visual Filters Faithlife Group

Posts 128
Pete De Bonte | Forum Activity | Replied: Sun, Mar 15 2015 1:23 PM

Further idea: hyperlink support would make such descriptions even better! : )

(again, the Visual Filters Faithlife Group is a prime example: that way people could link the existing shared files to the various wiki pages, forum post, etc where they have tried to document them in lieu of descriptions directly on the file listing The problem is that finding that wiki page, forum post, etc. for each individual file can be tedious and/or difficult.)

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