Lexham English Bible: What do you think?

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BillS | Forum Activity | Replied: Fri, Feb 19 2010 1:37 PM

Rick Brannan:
I think the strong point of the LEB is its relationship with the original language.

Hi Rick,

For me, transparency and strength of the relationship original language is still a problem. Is LEB free to make an undocumented assumption about how the underlying clauses relate (forward? backward?)? If most other translators see a "well known" problem, and if LEB is free to make an undocumented assumption, it moves into the realm of interpretation & is open to the appearance of bias. To avoid the appearance of bias, LEB needs a translator's note wherever such an assumption is made. Otherwise, the claim of a tight linkage to the text ends up suspect, given that the underlying clausal relationships of the text itself have to be assumed.

Wouldn't many (most?) accept the UBS handbook series as an authoritive source to locate such "issues"?

Thanks for allowing us any input at all into the process... Many blessings to you!

Grace & Peace,

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