Ungraceful Handling of Spotty Internet

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BillS | Forum Activity | Posted: Thu, Jul 9 2015 1:24 PM

I'd REALLY like L6 to auto-reconnect when internet becomes available & to continue as if there had been no interruption. Until then, there are two cases where ungraceful handling have caused me some consternation (trying to figure out what went wrong, when it's really just ungraceful handling).

  1. Case: L6 starts with internet normally, loses it (on purpose, when I move the machine to a location without Wi-Fi to teach a Bible class that I've been preparing for up to class-time), & then later regains it.

    Impact: L6 won't reconnect automatically to save the current layout, which I need so we know where to start in the next class. While L6 does cache the info to save later, unintended changes have resulted to another layout (for sermons) when I went to work in it (prior to restarting L6 so it could find internet). If I save THAT layout (with MPG & Sermon Central), L6 saves layout WITHOUT the internet dependent parts. That is NOT an intended result.

  2. Case: internet is spotty (). (At home, at work, & in the campground where I'm writing, internet is often spotty.)

    Impact: 4 times today, L6 notified me there were updates to download. 4 times, I clicked the L6 link to download the updates. 4 times, the link disappeared. The 5th time, I noticed that L6 synced documents successfully prior to starting a blank layout. THAT time, clicking the link to start the download was successful.

Both cases are intended to illustrate that L6 handling of internet disruption is ungraceful.

I'd REALLY like to see disconnect & reconnect handled automatically (disconnect, reconnect, caching as needed, & NOT changing a saved layout just because internet isn't available when I saved other changes to it (most often, the passage I'm looking at).

Thanks for listening.

Grace & Peace,

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