Can we add further titles to Logos Cloud for those studying their Bibles for the 1st time?

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Cheryl | Forum Activity | Posted: Thu, Jul 30 2015 12:10 AM

I've just downloaded Logos Cloud with great excitement! I'm so thrilled that the world's best Bible Software is now more accessible for those who can't shell out for a base package - or aren't sure if they should spend so much money on a programme without testing it first. Now they can!

Logos 6 is certainly the most user friendly Logos edition I've had so far and I love that you've make this platform available via Logos Cloud. The month-by-month rental plan with the free starter month and the discount for an annual plan is well priced and very accessible for which I'm sure many folks will be very grateful. 

I've looked at all 3 options on offer very carefully and it is obvious that great thought and consideration has gone into the creation of this excellent plan. I would love to have a number of these resources in my own library! 

But for new students of the Bible it's all a bit too 'academic' for me to even consider recommending. This has made my heart ache for my friends and for Logos as I think there's a gap here that can be filled.

For Students who are new to Bible Study, adding some basic Bible Study titles could really promote Logos Cloud in a way that should lead to later investment in a Base Package. When I started with Logos 2 it was so difficult to use, and so far 'above' me that I started to explore other Bible Software Packages. I would be so grieved if anyone exploring Logos Cloud found it too 'advanced' for their needs and thereby missed seeing the incredible and valuable resource that a Logos Base Package is. 

Is there any way at all, that the following resources could please, please be made available on Logos Cloud as this would really make Logos Cloud (and Logos Base Packages) very practically accessible and therefore attractive to our students and to my friends and to folks in our church. These are the sort of resources that would help launch new Bible students into further study and help them to more fully utilize Logos Cloud. 

  • Tyndale Concise Bible Commentary
  • New Strong's Dictionary of Hebrew and Greek Words 
  • Word Pictures in the New Testament
  • Word Studies in the New Testament
  • Baker Illustrated Bible Handbook
  • New Dictionary of Biblical Theology
  • Pocket Dictionary of Theological Terms
  • How to Read the Bible Book By Book
  • How to Read the Bible for all it's Worth
  • ESV Study Bible Notes
  • New Manners and Customs of the Bible
  • Grudem's Systematic Theology
  • AMG Bible Essentials (Word Study Bible Essentials)
  • NASB Updated Edition Exhaustive Concordance of the Bible
  • Commentary on the New Testament Use of the Old Testament
Please could you let me know if any of these titles or similar could be added so those new to studying the Bible could get the most out of a Logos Cloud Library? 
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Fred Chapman | Forum Activity | Replied: Thu, Jul 30 2015 5:22 AM

You will likely see resources being added to the cloud libraries. But Faithlife cannot just make them available. The publishers of those resources must agree to allow FaithLife to offer them via the subscription model versus a purchase. That said, Faithlife indicated early on that they were pursuing agreements.  

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Jon Bolin | Forum Activity | Replied: Thu, Jul 30 2015 9:59 AM


Thank you so much for your post. We resonate with your desire to help people at all levels of experience and growth study the Bible better. 

Fredc is correct about publisher relationships and we are doing our best to bring more works into Logos Cloud. 

With all of that said, let me draw your attention to some similar resources currently available in the Essentials level of Logos Cloud:

  • Commentaries (there are around 40 resources in Essentials that are commentaries)
    • volumes of the continually growing Evangelical Exegetical Commentary (a brand new commentary series)
    • the Wesleyan Bible Commentary
    • Jamieson, Fausset, Brown
    • a number of lay level Bible studies (including Not Your Average Bible Study and the Study, Apply, Share series)
  • Word Studies and Theological Glossaries
    • the Lexham Theological Wordbook is great for any level of study
    • the Lexham Glossary of Theology
    • the Lexham Cultural Ontology Glossary
  • Bible Dictionaries and Encyclopedias (around 5)
    • ISBE, Baker Encyclopedia of the Bible, and Easton's Bible Dictionary
    • the Lexham Bible Dictionary—"the most advanced Bible dictionary in existence"
    • Baker's Dictionary of Practical Theology
    • Evangelical Dictionary of Biblical Theology
  • Bible Study Tools/Hermeneutics
    • DIY Bible Study—a video course on how to study the Bible
    • Textual Criticism of the Bible
    • Study Like a Pro
  • Concordance
    • With the concordance tool, you can build your own concordance of the Bible
  • Study Bibles
    • the Faithlife Study Bible with all of it's interactives and infographics
  • Theologies
    • Strong, Calvin, Hodge, Berkof, and Pope are strong representatives of Protestant theology

So, while we don't have the exact resources you listed (and we may include some of them in the future), we definitely have a great library in the Essentials level for the new Bible student. When you add the rest of the resources available along with all of the tools and datasets that Logos provides, Essentials is a great deal.

Additionally, people can make their Cloud subscription even better by purchasing other resources that they want or are recommended to them that never go away, even if they discontinue their Cloud subscription. People in Bible studies or discipleship relationships can add on any resource that they are studying with a group (say Grudem's Systematic Theology or Christian Beliefs) or that a mentor recommends. I personally add a book to my Logos library every time my discipleship group starts a new book.

I really do value the resources you have on your list and I am not implying that the Essentials list is a 1:1 comparison, but I do think the Essentials library is a good deal at $8.99/month.

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