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Willie | Forum Activity | Posted: Sat, Aug 1 2015 8:01 PM

When using the Link Set feature to link two or more resources, a small orange box appears attached to each linked resource's book cover icon with the white letter A - F in the middle of the box. The extreme bright orange color used for this indicator box distracts me from reading the resource's text and causes uncomfortable eye strain.  In order to address this issue, I’ve submitted a suggestion to the UserVoice site along with potential solutions.  This suggestion is summarized as follows:

SuggestionAllow Users to Customize the Color of the Link Set Feature

Option #1. Allow users to individually customize the color, shade, and brightness level of the Link Set indicator box as well as the font color of the letter inside.

Option #2. Change the Link Set indicator box's default appearance to a more neutral, less distracting color (such as grey).

Option #3. Eliminate the box and simply attach the Link Set letter, using black font instead of the current white (or ideally allowing the user to choose the font color).

Option #4. Replace the current Link Set indicator box with a less conspicuous indication that a resource has been made part of a Link Set. This could be accomplished through an additional grey icon along the resource's toolbar or through some type of visual indicator within the resource panel menu.

Request for Forum Support

If you believe the Link Set’s current bright orange indicator box is distracting, or you share my concern for the eye strain issue mentioned above, or you would like to see more user controlled options for the Link Set feature, please take the time to click on the link below which will take you directly to the UserVoice suggestion I’ve submitted.  If you concur with any one or combination of the proposed options, I would be grateful if you could support the idea with your vote.

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