TIP of the day: Plain meaning/ analytic reading - finding a figure of speech

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MJ. Smith | Forum Activity | Posted: Fri, Feb 5 2016 9:42 PM

1. Figures of speech are often known by many names - Greek, Latin and English. This can be illustrated by permutatio. If I search on the Figure of speech "permutatio" I get no results.

2. So I open my browser to my standard go to source for alternative names via the shortcut bar. To my surprise Silva Rhetoricae provides no alternative names.

3. This means I have to find them the hard way - a search with many false positives. I run a basic text search on "permutatio" and look for cases where it is given as an alternative name for a figure of speech.

4. I then use these alternative names in my figure of speech search. I have gone from zero to 8, 217 results.

5. To find what the name of the figure is within Logos, I open one of these hits, open the right click Context Menu and hover over the Figure of Speech Label. I can now see that "hypallage" is the name for the figure within Logos/Verbum.

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