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MJ. Smith | Forum Activity | Posted: Thu, Feb 18 2016 12:30 AM

1. It is easy to forget the degree to which Logos is tailored to meet the requirements of specific resources. This example is of three Search Fields which support the Amplified Bible:

  • Additional Meaning (parens in the text)
  • Additional Text (italics in the text)
  • Clarifying Words (brackets in the text)

Note this is an example of a resource I would like to see Logos build a new feature for - a typographical key that could be left open in a corner.

2. An example of a Search limited to the Additional Meaning Search field.

3. An example of a Search limited to the Clarifying Words Search field.

4. An example of a Search limited to the Additional Text Search field.

5. A basic search of all resources to check for any other resources using these search fields. I found none in my library.

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Francis | Forum Activity | Replied: Thu, Feb 18 2016 12:42 AM

Interesting... thanks for pointing this out.

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