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Stephen Terlizzi | Forum Activity | Posted: Mon, Feb 22 2016 4:49 PM

I need some help concerning some older sources that I have used in my MA thesis. My reader is concerned that Vincent's Word Studies in the New Testament and Robertson's Word Pictures in the New Testament are dated scholarship at 1887 and 1933, respectively. 

Here are my five quotes:

  • Vincent p. 66 (Romans 6:3) - The use of into (εἰς) with Jesus Christ and his death “denotes inward union, participation; not in order to bring about the union, for that has been effected.”
  • Vincent p. 67 (Romans 6:4) - Vincent emphasizes that newness of life is “a stronger expression than new life. It gives more prominence to the main idea, newness, than would be given by the adjective.”
  • Robertson  (2 Co 5:18) - “God has made possible through Christ our reconciliation to him, but in each case it has to be made effective by the attitude of each individual. The task of winning the unreconciled to God is committed to us.”
  • Robertson (Rom 12:1) - Robinson writes, “Therefore (οὐν [oun]). This inferential participle gathers up all the great argument of chapters 1 to 11. Now Paul turns to exhortation (παρακαλω [parakalō]), ‘I beseech you.’”
  • Robertson ( Phil 2:12) - “Paul makes no attempt to reconcile divine sovereignty and human free agency, but boldly proclaims both.”

Any recommendations on how to defend Vincent and Robertson as not dated and still relevant or any recommendations on replacement sources?

Thanks in advance for your help.



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