My process for selecting resources from March Madness

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John Kaess | Forum Activity | Posted: Wed, Mar 9 2016 12:35 PM

this may be helpful for some, perhaps not, but this is the process i use for selecting which resouces to purchase from each round of March Madness.

1. when each round closes the first thing i do is scan through my wishlists to see if anything on my lists ended up on sale from that round. If so, it is usually a given that (funds permitting) i will end up purchasing those resources, but not until the final round is finished. I have limited funds so when everything is done, i will choose the best use of my funds to get items from my wish lists.

2. When each round finishes, i go through the list of all resources on sale from that round to see if any of them interest me, and if they do, i add them to my appropriate wish list.

my results after round 1:

none of my wish list went on sale due to being in round 1

i found 3 items out of the 732!! Which i added to my wish list because they look interesting. It is likely i won't end up buying these now, but with March Madness, you never know.

if you are interested, here are the three i added from round 1:


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