Mobile Ed. referenced material discounts ?

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Dave Thawley | Forum Activity | Posted: Sun, Mar 13 2016 7:21 AM

Hi, I love the idea of mobile Ed and in general the presentation and content are second to none.  One minor frustration is that the courses call out a lot of referenced books and quite a few are never in my library. i'm sure this is seen as a positive sales draw though for faith life and it does seem a good way of marketing to people. Why not help both sides by offering a discount on the materials such that we can buy a set of all the recommended books or sets of "see also" books for different sections  at a reduced price with dynamic pricing. This could work for both sides - FL could see more and we could buy material recommended by the leading scholars . I think no my library as expanded I have most of the books in the suggested reading sections but it would be great to reinforce my library with sets of other books in areas I find interesting.  When purchasing books cost is always an issue and it is difficult to justify buying 4 or 5 additional books i don't really know specifically an extension of the mobile ed course - but if they were bundled and sold at a discount it would be easier to make a positive purchase decision. I guess I am suggesting the masters bundle idea but for each course :-)

Thanks and keep up the great work in making top quality education available to us.

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