Forums and newsgroup readers -- a rejoinder?

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Francis | Forum Activity | Posted: Fri, Jun 19 2009 11:27 AM

I noticed that by subscribing to the specific forums, I can receive the new posts in my email program. I like it as an intermediate solution between web-based reading and newsgroups. 

Some people (like me) might not want to receive these posts in their email inbox though. This can be worked around by setting a rule in the email client to redirect posts to a specific folder for later perusal. 

What is missing to make this quite workable is a header that identifies the forum of origin specifically enough that the rule can sort posts and direct them to different folders corresponding to their forums of origin (e.g., General, Suggestions). 

As it is, the identification is in the message body. It says "from so and so in General". My suggestion would be to change the forum identification to something more specific like "General forum" or "Suggestions forum" otherwise the email client cannot run the rule effectively when the words "in general" or "in suggestions" otherwise appear in the body of the post.

If this can be worked around, I think reading in the email client and posting from the web is not too bad of a go between solution.

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