Logos 4 Mac Alpha 15 Release Notes

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Cameron Watters (Faithlife) | Forum Activity | Posted: Wed, Mar 10 2010 12:25 PM | Locked

The app should auto update, but you can always download the latest release from: http://www.logos.com/logos4mac


  • Updated icon styling
  • ToolTips, Context Menu and Dragging for most text links that open a Panel


  • Fixed crash/hang with searching in all open resources
  • Text auto completion popup added
  • Fixed bug which locked users in analysis view. Users can now switch out of it, but it is still not implemented.
  • Misc. stability improvements

Bible Word Study

  • Septuagint section now works
  • Bible verse reference links appear in the concordance view after clicking on a ring graph segement or on the word in the center
  • Fixed crash/hang when running a Bible word study on Greek words
  • Density graph should no longer show an empty graph

Resource Display

  • Fixed scrolling at small font sizes
  • Fixed crash with copy and paste with citations
  • Known issue: Footnotes pasted into Microsoft word have duplicated footnote characters

Biblical People

  • Biblical People feature complete
  • Biblical People Guide Section feature complete
  • Person Information now formatted in columns
  • Known issue: memory growth when using Biblical People

Home Page

  • Daily Devotional added to available item

Settings Panel

  • ToolTips should now stay on the screen

Favorites Panel

  • Context menu now works on Favorites folders
  • Folders and favorites can be dragged into panels
  • Items in folders should now work when clicked
  • KNOWN ISSUE: Favorite items and folders can no longer be dragged into other folders

Bible Explorer

  • Added drag/drop support and context menus to PPT and Media
  • Fixed drag/drop issues with Commentaries
  • KNOWN ISSUE: Commentaries and cross references still do not have context menus
  • KNOWN ISSUE: My Content still unimplemented

Guide Template Editor

  • Spelunk away!

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Director of Engineering for Enterprise and Operations

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