Bug ? Logos using high energy consumption level

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Yvan Rey | Forum Activity | Posted: Tue, Jan 31 2017 5:52 AM


Yvan, here.

Not that I care about it at all. Anyway, I'm not using Logos that often.

Somebody on the forums had problems, with Logos using high energy CPU:

My Macbook Pro is from mid-2014, running Mac OS 10.12.3. My version of Logos is the latest (but only updated to Logs 7 with the Full Feature Set).

To reproduce :

1) Open Logos Logging Utility

2) Open Logos 7.

3) Check under the battery icon. Logos is the only software in use. And it's on a high energy consumption level.

Not sure where I can check about indexing going on, but I'll give it a go, now.

OK. In Activity Monitor, nothing is recorded, as for unusual processor activity. Logos CEF is almost imperceptible.

As said, Logos is barely being used on my computer. Maybe my logs will help other people.

Oh, and I'm adding a screen capture, of the battery icon. Sorry it's in French, by the way.

God bless, and no hurry at all, to answer.



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