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PetahChristian | Forum Activity | Posted: Mon, Feb 6 2017 2:35 PM

Pricing is complex! Embarrassed

Sometimes I think I know how much I should be saving, but there's an additional discount thrown into the mix. Because the discounts aren't listed separately, I might not recognize that I've gotten the same deal that others get. (Combo discount, I'm looking at you!)

An option might be to break out the savings on the order summary or product page, with a line-item detail for each discount.

This would clear up many pricing issues, not only by showing every discount that is being applied, but also the order that they're applied.

Base packages used to have a "Your custom price" popup that would show how the final price was determined, but it was removed from those product pages. Maybe it became too complex to calculate or show, but obscurity forces us to completely trust the correctness of the bottom line, without any basis for how it was determined.

I realize this is a complex problem to solve, considering the system's current limitations, but it would be advantageous for pricing to become more transparent.

I think it could also preempt questions about cumulative discounts if a customer could see they save x% introductory discount, y% Logos Now discount, instead of showing a single z% discount.

I have questions I shouldn't even have to ask about pricing, because... curiosity.

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