How do you use Logos/Verbum?

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Mark Nolette | Forum Activity | Posted: Tue, Apr 4 2017 1:43 PM

One day, I had this idea. You can decide if it's a good one or not. The people who work at Faithlife and everyone else who participates in these forums all see the questions, suggestions, difficulties and bugs that people find while using Logos/Verbum. But how often do we see what people actually do with this software? How does it contribute to our ministries, our study, our prayer life? 

Granted that such a question is hard to quantify. Still, it might be good to have a kind of "show-and-tell", especially for the people who have worked (and still work) hard to make Logos/Verbum as good as it can be. What are the fruits of their efforts? What are some of the fruits of what we do with it? 

So, to kick this off, I submit to you this. It's a blog I started last November. The posts are mainly reflections on Scripture readings from the Catholic Lectionary for Sundays and some weekdays, as well as the occasional foray into other topics. Some posts have become homilies; others are based on homilies. (Rumor has it that a few posts have become homilies for other clergy by some mysterious process.) In some posts, my use of Verbum may be a little more evident than in others. But it's a significant factor in everything I do there. 

The point is not to "show off" in any way. You might not even like the posts. It's simply a way to show the folks at FL one little example of what someone does, using (at least in part) the tools they have given us. 

Feel free to post examples of what you do with Logos/Verbum (or any other FL offering). If you check out my blog, feel free to use the "Contact Me" section for any feedback you'd like to offer. The point is not to "show off", but to offer encouragement to the folks at FL and to one another. I pray that this thread will be encouraging and fun. I'm also curious to see what others do with this software!  

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