Poor tagging (linking?) in UBS5 Apparatus

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Matthew | Forum Activity | Posted: Wed, May 31 2017 4:38 AM

Yesterday I bought the Stuttgart Scholarly Editions: Old and New Testament set, and after looking at it for a relatively short amount of time, I was surprised how poorly tagged/linked the UBS5 apparatus is, especially compared to the NA28 one. Many manuscripts and patristic sources cited in the apparatus are not hyperlinked at all and show now pop-up information whatsoever when you move your mouse over them. For manuscripts that are hyperlinked, the information shown is often sub-par compared to to NA28 apparatus. If I move my mouse over a citation of P66 in the NA28 apparatus, I am told that the manuscript dates roughly to the year 200 and I am told what its contents are. If I am using the UBS5 apparatus, all I get is a message stating it is "a papyrus manuscript, identified by the superscript number."

In order for the UBS5 apparatus to be useful, I have to have one copy of it open to the passage I am studying, and one copy of it open to the introductory section so I can see the list of sources cited and their respective dates. If I am on a mobile device, the experience is even worse, as I am limited to two resources being open at a time. I have to choose between either constantly navigating back and forth in the UBS5 apparatus or else closing my Greek Testament so that all I have open are two copies of the apparatus.

Why is there such a disparity in the tagging of these two resources, and is there any plan to get UBS5 on par with the work that was put into NA28?

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