Is anyone using the Logos iOS app on the new iPad Pro 10.5?

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Bill Moore | Forum Activity | Replied: Thu, Sep 21 2017 6:04 AM

Bill Moore:

I just read my post above and saw that I left out "not," as in the 9.7 and the 10.5 are not quite large enough for PDFs. So . . . I bought a 12.9, but for my usage, especially having a retinue retina MacBook Pro, the 12.9 was great for PDFs but too much of a good thing, as far as screen size goes.

I returned the 12.9 and bought a 10.5 and am typing this not now on the attached Apple Smart Keyboard.

I appreciate everyone's input.

I'm shaking my head at a post I wrote above. Between hasty typing and Apple's autocorrect, it is a bit cringeworthy.

As far as the 10.5 iPP goes, I have enjoyed using it. It's a good size for portability, and I've been pleased using the Logos iOS app on it.

Pastor, Cornerstone Baptist Church, Clinton, SC

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