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Jan | Forum Activity | Posted: Sun, Apr 4 2010 4:55 AM


Sorry if this question has been answer before on these forums, but i could not find one that matches my problem.

I wish to have a icon/button on the toolbar that would open new window containing specific bibles, I often use.

I would like to see the code enabling me to modify it later myself.  Search articles’ using “run script code” under modify toolbar, but was not successful in finding similar code to what I want.

Any help appreciated

Thanks, Jan

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Brooks Cochran | Forum Activity | Replied: Sun, Apr 4 2010 5:10 AM

Morris Proctor has some self made files tool bars that may help with version 3

brooks c

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Dr. Charles A. Wootten | Forum Activity | Replied: Mon, Apr 5 2010 1:11 PM

Let's see how this works... It's been awhile. The following is from a text file that I have that is simply signed, "John." My comments and screenshot will follow his work.

800x600 Normal 0 false false false EN-US X-NONE HE MicrosoftInternetExplorer4 Suppose you want to put all your bibles (for instance) into one button. For the sake of this example we'll call the drop down toolbar the 'bibles' toolbar and the button you create to access it the 'all bibles' button.

Just follow these steps:

   - Make a regular toolbar with a button for each bible. Make each one more or less the same width (i.e. if you display both icon and text or text only then make the text strings approximately the same width). You don't have to do this but it works better ascetically. You will see why if you
     make one button much wider than the others. [[[I'm sure he meant aesthetically....]]]

   - When you have finished the bibles toolbar (and have tested all of the buttons) undock it from the toolbar area. That is, make it into a floating toolbar by clicking on the extreme left handle (don't know what else to call it) and dragging it down into the window area of the main application window. It doesn't matter where you put it. You're going to make  it invisible in a second anyway.

   - Right click your your bibles toolbar and uncheck it so it disappears. Don't redock it on the toolbar area before you do this. It has to be undocked to work as a popup.

   - Save your workspace.

   - Now, create a new button of type "Run Script Code" in the spot where you want your bible drop down list. This
     is the 'all bibles' button. Name it and assign it an icon in the usual way.

   - With a text editor, edit your 'bibles' toolbar file and copy the name of the toolbar. The name you want is the one in the command-bar tag. It will be a long string of gibberish. e.g. something like:


     Don't make any changes to the toolbar file. You only want the name.

   - In the script code box of the button editor of the 'all bibles' button put the  following script:

     var objBar = Application.CommandBars.Item(<name>);
     objBar.Width = 5;
     objBar.Height = 800;

     Where <name> is that long string of gibberish you retrieved from your bibles toolbar file in quotes.

   - Save your new button and try it out.

The first time you use the 'all bibles' button your 'bibles' toolbar will disappear from your right click menu. I think this is because once you 'pop it up', Libronix changes its view of the toolbar 'Type' from cbBarTypeNormal to cbBarTypePopup. That doesn't mean you can't edit it any
more. If you "right click->Customize" it will still appear in your list of custom toolbars. You can even recheck it from this menu if you like. If you do this, though, it won't reappear as a floating toolbar until the next time you start up Libronix.

My comments follow:

Here's a screenshot of my right-clicking on one of the Bibles, the selecting modify so that you can see the finished result. "Customize" is the first pop up, then "Modify Toolbar," and the final one is "Command Details."  Just to the right of the final popup and on the line above it you will see a black, orange, green, red, and whitish icons. This is the result of the above instructions.

If this doesn't work for you I can dig around to find some completed toolbar examples, then send them to you.

God bless


running Logos Bible Software 6.0a: Collector's Edition on HP e9220y (AMD Phenom II X4 2.60GHz 8.00GB 64-bit Win 7 Pro SP1) & iPad (mini) apps.

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