Read Aloud in Courses tool BUG

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Brent Hoefling | Forum Activity | Posted: Tue, May 8 2018 10:06 AM

I initially put this in the Mobile Ed section and was encouraged to put it here too.  I have only had this issue (through the last three version updates) while in the courses tool as I don't otherwise use the Read Aloud feature very much, but seems to be a general read aloud issue...

The symptom: When reading aloud the "suggested reading" and the "See Also" reading (again, courses tool), the voice will sometimes just stop. usually, I can click the pause button, then click play and it will start and it resumes the first time, and maybe the second time, sometimes it doesn't come back on and at that point, L7 is locked hard and I have to end task. In fact, I can't restart L7 again, as it locks when relaunching after that.  I have to restart the computer to get going again.

The problem is that this is very intermittent. sometimes it will lock on the first non-user-initiated-pause, sometimes it's after the second time.  there doesn't seem to be a particular amount of time passing, I have tried timing it and it seems to happen at different intervals.  though it does seem to be more frequent if I am doing more multitasking on the computer. It also doesn't appear to be the resources themselves, as the issue is not "repeatable" at the same location if I try to make it happen.

Personal use "backstory": When taking a course, I can find minutes to watch the video portions, but find that during the work week, I need to do other things in my office (IT mgmt support), and so I put on my BT earpiece and listen to the (sometimes extensive) reading materials while I do other work.  The other bug that has been reported many times that is still not addressed here is that the Read Aloud feature will keep reading resource past the end of what is displayed for the course.

I was going to call tech support but thought I would ask here first, as every time I have a big challenge I end up having to uninstall and reinstall L7, and I want to try to avoid that since I have a significant library and it takes a full day to download, and another two days and nights or so for indexing.

suggestions? anyone else seeing this or am I alone?

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