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Jeff Price | Forum Activity | Posted: Today 3:55 AM

I am a Missionary in Bolivia and work in both English and Spanish. There are 2 challenges I face when Using Logos. 

1. When inserting verses in Microsoft Word, I have to put in the English spelling to get the text from my preferred Bible which is Spanish. Then I have to change the reference in my document to from English to Spanish. The verse is quoted in Spanish, but for some reason the name of the book is not recognized when using Spanish. 

2. In sermon Editor, the same thing happens. However, in the notes you cannot change the reference to Spanish. This is terrible if one wants to produce a handout because the reference is in the wrong language. 

The workaround is cumbersome. You have to change the language of Logos to whatever language you are using at the time, then change it back to English when you are done. You have to restart the app whenever you make these adjustments. This is not very Customer Friendly!!! 

My own language is English, so I study in English. Additionally, more resources are available in English. So, I need to keep Logos in English. But, I need the ability to insert Spanish verses and their references into a document or in the Sermon Editor. This would seem to be an easy fix and a logical expectation. 

Is there a better way to do this?



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Thanks for your feedback, Jeff. Since the language of Bible references in the app is closely tied to the UI language, this design change would not be as simple as it might sound. I can understand why you might expect it to work differently, but it was intentionally designed so that you can easily navigate Bibles of any language using your preferred language. 

This design makes it customer friendly for the vast majority of our users, but your comments have sparked a discussion on whether we should consider developing an alternate way of displaying verse references for bi-lingual cases. Thanks.

Adam Borries | Product Manager, Logos desktop application

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Hi Jeff

Have you tried changing the language in the preferences to Spanish and, or, changing your preferred Bible to a Spanish bible?

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