Vocation Formation: resources and conceptualizations

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Hamilton Ramos | Forum Activity | Posted: Sat, Jun 30 2018 4:16 AM

I am new to the term: "vocation formation", doing basic research I found:

The Apostolic Tradition states, “And when these things are completed [meaning baptism, communion, and entrance into the full life of the church] let each one hasten to do good works, and to please God and to live aright, devoting himself to the church, practicing the things he has learned, advancing in the service of the Lord.”

 Webber, R. (2003). Ancient-future evangelism: making your church a faith-forming community (p. 103). Grand Rapids, MI: Baker Books.


I had not heard of such perspective before. Yet it seems to jibe with the "saved for good works (included service)" concept.

What is the conceptual framework and implications (including theological) that come to your mind when you see the term "vocation formation"? do you know of any resources that deal with this concept in more detail?

For further reference: 

"...  vocation had none of the contemporary meaning of a fulfillment of one’s duties to God by active engagement in the world." 

from:  https://www.stthomas.edu/media/catholicstudies/center/documents/businessasacallingpdf/06Chamberlain.pdf

Thanks ahead of time for your input.


Posts 830
Hamilton Ramos | Forum Activity | Replied: Wed, Jul 4 2018 7:12 AM

Vocation formation and residency:

Interesting concept from an innovative group:


There are vocational and lay minister versions, could this help develop fit facilitators at different echelons? 


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