SUGGESTION for improving the Community Tagging Function

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MJ. Smith | Forum Activity | Posted: Sat, Jul 21 2018 1:40 AM

I've been doing a chunk of Community Tagging related to Biblical people in order to make my library more useful. I have tagged only headings with a few exceptions. This is an example of what I have gained: Note that items defined as Dictionaries would appear in the Dictionary portion of the Factbook and are not newly identified resources. Also note that these tags are available to everyone. The monographs were generally not identified previously.

I have run into problems of not finding an appropriate label despite there being one when the Bible is given a generic rather than specific entry. See DATA EQUALITY BUG: What is necessary to get a Factbook entry where I am pointed to Naaman's Wife's Slave Girl for what is coded A servant in my Bible. This makes it very difficult to maintain consistency in tagging.

In other cases, I have to guess the denominational twist of the tag ... for example, here I need to think BVM rather than Mary ... elsewhere it is "Theotokos" rather than Mother of God.

Often it is an issue of finding whether it's Naaman's wife or Wife of Naaman as there seems to be no standardization on the issue. There are also issues of people being identified as topics, etc.

Do I think that Logos has the resources to provide the alternative spellings, wordings, identify errors, missing elements, etc.? No, I think Logos can slowly improve the situation but not completely correct it. However, I do believe the data can be improved significantly and quickly. I propose that:

  • The process for crowd-sourcing the updating of Factbook be limited to data in headings and Biblical apocrypha (pseudepigraphical literature and items included in some canon no matter how obscure) - one could still tag anything with existing Factbook entries.
  • That when adding a Community Tag to eligible text, the user may:
    • request an alternative spelling, name, wording be added as a synonym
    • request a correction of record type/icon as well as a correction in a fundamental document tagged by Logos (especially Bibles)
    • request a new record which Logos will either add or inform the user what entry already covers the request.
    • simply request a simple correction such as spelling correction or other proof reading issues
  • Logos commit to apply the requested changes biweekly - before the user has forgotten what they left in a half-done state. Note the users are essentially prioritizing Logos' work on the Factbook entries.

This should be built into the Community Tag process so that the user actually does it ... as opposed to breaking the work flow for an email to data@logos or a forum post. If one can consistently and easily find the correct tag, the advantages of the tagged text should make it worth the effort to tag ... and help Logos clean and expand the data.

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