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Rachel Smith | Forum Activity | Posted: Wed, Aug 1 2018 9:10 PM

Usually, the app would crash when I went to the Factbook. When I tried to recreate the problem, it only crashed once. It had previously crashed 7 times, I deleted the application and re-installed and it crashed three more times. 

When went to recreate the issue, it crashed once in the log. 

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Keep Smiling 4 Jesus :) | Forum Activity | Replied: Thu, Aug 2 2018 1:09 PM

Welcome Big Smile

The attached zip file shows a number of network connection timeouts. Also curious when Mac was restarted ? (sometimes restarting Mac helps Logos application issues). Note: zip file did not have a crash (and did not have a file that is created when Logos crashes). Please restart Mac then open Logos. If crash repeats, use Logos Logging Utility to zip files followed by replying to this thread and attaching zip.

Rachel Smith:
I deleted the application and re-installed

Re-installation of application bundle is usually only needed if the bundle has corruption (funky error messages appear in Logos.log). Otherwise tends to have no effect because replacing application bundle does not effect Application Support files (so issue tends to repeat after bundle replacement).

FYI: Logos.log file showed macOS 10.13.5 while latest release is 10.13.6

Keep Smiling Smile

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