What is a "Reformed Baptist?"

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Cynthia in Florida | Forum Activity | Replied: Wed, Sep 5 2018 2:13 PM

Rob Lambert:

Guys, this is a wonderful help to me....and I felt stupid asking the question.  Thank you....


Hello Rob:

Two things:  First...never feel stupid asking questions...about anything.  It is only when we question that we grow and learn. (Sorry...the mother in me just had to say that to you!)

Secondly, about two years ago I actually emailed someone who I very much respect on this board and asked him the EXACT SAME QUESTION.  Not because I didn't know what is Reformed or Baptist, but because when you google it,  you get a ton of different responses.  Also, Reformed doesn't merely speak to soteriology and Baptist doesn't merely deal with baptism, so therein lies the confusion.  Anyway, as someone above said, "ask a Baptist what it means to be a Baptist and you'll get at least 18 answers."  The same is true with reformed theology (unity/convenant theology), being Methodist, being _________..  (You fill in the blank!). 

All this to say, kudos to you for asking the question!


Romans 8:28-38

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Rob Lambert | Forum Activity | Replied: Wed, Sep 5 2018 2:19 PM

What a nice thing to say.  What you should have said is "the Daughter in me came out".... 


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