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Josh | Forum Activity | Posted: Sun, Sep 16 2018 4:41 PM

I created a collection of a few resources for my wife to use on her IPad, but I'm having a hard time figuring out how she can access the collection from the mobile app. I just need to have a list of the collection so she can see and open resources from it - it's not really for searching as she is a novice with the software.

Is this possible?

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JT (alabama24) | Forum Activity | Replied: Sun, Sep 16 2018 7:35 PM

Collections, unfortunately, have very limited support on mobile. Your best bet is to tag the resources and filter the library for them. For example: If you wanted to filter your library for resources tagged with "family," you would use the syntax mytag:family. You could also use the syntax local: to reveal only downloaded resources. 

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Dave Colclough | Forum Activity | Replied: Mon, Sep 17 2018 10:37 AM
Josh, you could try putting the selected books in a suitably named Favorites folder (using Logos Desktop), that way your wife can access them in 5 presses from her device (Launch app, press on apps menu, press on Favorites, press on the suitably named folder, press on book). If you want to give her access to quite a few books, you can create sub-folders as well. You can also upload the chosen books to her device for her (so she won't have to figure out downloading) from the Desktop Library window. Select, the chosen book in the Library window then click on the 'i' in a circle icon (top right), and scroll down to 'Devices' in the resulting sidebar. Then just tick the tick box for her logged in device. This can be done in bulk if you use JT's suggestion to add a custom mytag to her books and then only display those resources with that tag in the Library window by using a filter for your new tag (eg. mytag:booksforreading), followed by selecting the first book, holding down shift and selecting last book, then tick her devices tick box. Hope that helps.
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