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Charles Shields | Forum Activity | Posted: Thu, Dec 27 2018 4:54 PM

I'm using Logos 8 Web with a Faithlife Connect Essentials subscription.

I recently started using the Canvas tool and realized that I can import Biblical passages from any of the Hebrew Bibles, like LHI, AFAT, etc., into the Canvas editor, but when I do, the Hebrew text is in Left-to-Right order rather than Right-to-Left.

As a work around, I use the 'Copy Bible Verse' tool to select the verse(s) and then choose the output formatting, the desired Hebrew Bible, and the output file type. Then I click the 'Copy' button and paste the text into the Canvas editor - everything imports perfectly.

The only problem is that the individual words in the imported text are not linked to the Info Cards in the Canvas editor. The link to the Info Cards is of great value for maintaining the connection to the other resources needed for building a presentation that includes Hebrew.

While I believe this issue is being diligently worked on, would it be possible to enhance the 'Copy Bible Verse' tool so that it copies not only the text, but it also copies the underlying resource links that could then be pasted into the Canvas editor?



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