Courses tool ... Same course ... different places?

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Martin Folley | Forum Activity | Posted: Wed, Jan 16 2019 9:52 AM

Not sure how this has happened.

I was starting to work through CS101.

The courses tool crashed in that the course navigation was blank and the main panel was not responding.

I quit and then restarted logos ... which then suggested that I had not even started CS101, either in the home page or in the courses tool.

I restarted CS101 again in the courses tool, 'continued' until I reached the correct location and then carried on (loving the course BTW).

When I went back to all courses, I now seem to be running the same course twice. 

This is also reflected in the Home page.

I know I can delete one of the plans ... and will do so in a moment ... but I thought I would also report log it here first.

[Edit. Changes to a course (i.e. working through a course, or deleting a course) are not reflected in the home page card until you next log on. Not sure why ... and not a big deal unless like me, you rarely restart logos or your MacBook)]

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