How to safeguard the divine name in resources?

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Jeremiah | Forum Activity | Posted: Mon, Feb 18 2019 3:33 AM

I didn't see a "highlight" section so I figured notes might be the closest.

Many of the scholarly sources spell out the Tetragrammaton with English letters.

I often copy paste or take screenshots from these resources when making presentations.  I need to make a custom filter that changes the English spelled out name of G-d into "Hashem" or even השם. 

I don't need to do this with bibles, just with other resources like commentaries and the like.

Thanks in advance and if there's a better place to put this post admins feel free to move it or tell me and I'll delete and repost.

Thanks in advance!


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Graham Criddle | Forum Activity | Replied: Mon, Feb 18 2019 4:02 AM

Hi Jeremiah

This is a visual filter question - so best in the Logos 8 forum.

To (nearly) do what you want you can create a Highlight style to add some text - such as Hashem - and also remove the English letters (it is this bit you can't fully do).

To demonstrate I have created a style called Hashem with two attributes:

  • I've set the font styling for the original text to white (so it become invisible) and 20% scaling (so it takes up as little space as possible).
  • Set the "Insert Text" section to put the text "Hashem" before the original text

I've then created a visual filter that searches for the term "yhwh" and applies the visual fitter "Hashem" to it. (I'm just searching one resource but you could do it for a collection or all your resources if you wished)

With the visual filter disabled I get the original text

With it enabled YHWH is replaced by Hashem

Hopefully this will get you started

Please post back if it doesn't make sense.

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Jeremiah | Forum Activity | Replied: Thu, Feb 21 2019 7:48 AM


I was only considering cases where His name was spelled out with vowels, but your example gave me the idea to pick up all these other variations as well (and when it's in Hebrew letters).  Thanks so much Graham, this is really going to save me time when I make slides and handouts. 

Usually I have to go through and manually make changes otherwise His name may end up on a handout that ends up in the trash or something.  A few weeks ago I was sharing and thought I'd replaced all the text where it was spelled out and I was surprised in my presentation to find it was still there in a few spots.

Much appreciated brother.


Dead languages are my mid-life crisis

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