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John Goodman | Forum Activity | Posted: Fri, Mar 15 2019 6:26 AM

It's been a while since we had a post telling us of web app improvements... I'd be excited to see:

  • improvement notifications like on the desktop app
  • 4 column layout - screens are ever wider!
  • the little parsing and gloss popup that the desktop app has.
  • a copy bible verses tool
  • the rest of the info tool
  • the cited by tool
  • the literary references sections of the passage guide

גַּם־חֹשֶׁךְ֮ לֹֽא־יַחְשִׁ֪יךְ מִ֫מֶּ֥ךָ וְ֭לַיְלָה כַּיּ֣וֹם יָאִ֑יר כַּ֝חֲשֵׁיכָ֗ה כָּאוֹרָֽה

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Andrew Biddinger | Forum Activity | Replied: Fri, Mar 15 2019 7:10 AM

For me....

  • Copy Bible Verse Tool (For sure!)
  • Highlight Tool
  • More Resource Filters (Visual, Propositional Outlines, etc)
  • Collections Tool
  • Create More Docs (Passage List, Prayer Lists)
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Brad | Forum Activity | Replied: Sun, Apr 7 2019 4:55 PM

I would really like to be able to add tags in the "Resource Information" view.  (I would also love to be able to do that in the mobile app.)  That, said, the web app is a very impressive piece of work that I really appreciate.  Great work, Faithlife Team!

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NB.Mick | Forum Activity | Replied: Wed, Apr 10 2019 8:11 AM

I'd rather like to see the basic functionality got right first than ever more of ever more spurious features - while in the long run, I'd like to see 100% feature compatibility, that's for sure! But: - short term focus should be on the most used things. Today I wanted to find a book or more in my large library and found that this is virtually impossible if I don't know the title or author.

My use case was a forum post asking for Logos resources concerning the council of Chalcedon and having been published in the last 20 years. A very reasonable question, and should be a piece of cake to answer in Logos. Especially since I bought a journal edition just recently especially because of an article discussing this council.

This use case is typical of scenarios where people are away from their Logos desktop but want to make use of their Logos library.

What I would need to find resources in a library larger than just a few dozen books are:

  • library details view. In fact I nearly never use any other on the desktop. 
  • sorting/grouping the library after more than title/author, but all available facets, especially type
  • the library filter facets we have on the desktop, such as publication date, last updated, edition....
    • last updated was my default sort of the library up to Logos 7. The filter facets in Logos 8 made it even more easy to filter out new/updated books on the desktop. Often users may remember the date when they got a book, or that they got it together with a (bunch of) other book(s) 
    • mytags: those are what I currently use to organize my library.
    • communitytags: those help a lot to use the work of the whole user base in organizing the library
    • collections: those are what I used to use to organize my library 
  • restricting the Search to a group of library resources such as a collection or as defined by a search string such as "pubdate:>=1999"

If the web app is not only an alternative to the desktop, but should be the used as the main Logos application (such as for Linux users, or those with a tablet as their main device, or those where the desktop doesn't accommodate a full local library), then I'd need  

  • the things written above. First and foremost.
  • the ability to add and edit tags in the library and/or the information view of a resource - this has been asked by others, I think - and possibly the same for series, titles and short titles
  • the Collections tool 

Running Logos 9 latest (beta) version on Win 10

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Phil Gons (Faithlife) | Forum Activity | Replied: Sat, Oct 24 2020 6:15 PM

John Goodman:
4 column layout - screens are ever wider!

Vote here:

John Goodman:
a copy bible verses tool

Vote here:

John Goodman:
the cited by tool

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Phil Gons (Faithlife) | Forum Activity | Replied: Sat, Oct 24 2020 6:21 PM

Andrew Biddinger:
Copy Bible Verse Tool

Vote here:

Andrew Biddinger:
Highlight Tool

Vote here:

Andrew Biddinger:
Collections Tool

Vote here:

Andrew Biddinger:
Passage List

Vote here:

Andrew Biddinger:
Prayer Lists

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