Benchmarking Logos

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Kolen Cheung | Forum Activity | Posted: Sun, Mar 17 2019 3:51 AM

I recall in the old days people constructed complex search and time how long it takes to finish a certain search to benchmark Logos' performance across different platform.

Also, remember the Logos 8 promotion that claimed something is faster by 10x, some other by 4x?

So I think Logos probably has an internal program to benchmark its performance. Could Logos releases it, as simple as just typing benchmark in the command box for example.

Also I wonder if the community still has some form of unofficial benchmarking methods, like the search above. I'd also like to see how would one test the graphic requirement because I guess it's more to do with the GUI than a search.

Simply put, since Logos is known for requiring high IOPS storage, high FLOPS graphics, etc., I want to have concrete way to measure the dependence on these ability.

(To test graphics, may be having a very complex layout and time how long it takes for it to finish loading? Would that be sensitive to graphical performance enough? If not, what kind of things stresses graphics most in Logos? Also, how to accurately time the duration?)

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