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Andy Warmack | Forum Activity | Posted: Sun, Jun 6 2010 1:04 AM

From what I recall, this is what happened just now:

1) I've had two reading plans--one in OT and the other in NT.

2) I have L4 Mac, L4 Windows, and the iPhone application.  I normally use the one on my Mac.

3) Sometimes I go into the Windows L4 or the iPhone application.  I've made sure everything is in sync.

4) All of a sudden tonight, I noticed on my Mac that I suddenly had a second copy of the OT reading plan.  L4 Windows showed the same thing.

5) I checked it on my iPhone and it seemed fine (no duplicates).  Hmmm.

6) At the time, I didn't know I could delete a reading plan from L4 Mac (I see now that it's possible), so I went into the Windows L4 and deleted it there.

7) L4 Mac now shows the two reading plans like I want.  So all is well...or maybe not (see next step).

8) Now my iPhone only has the NT reading plan...?!  L4 on Windows and Mac still show both.  I've tried syncing and everything, but can't seem to get the OT reading plan to come back.

What's going on?  What caused the duplicate reading plan in the first place (it's happened to me before) and where did the OT reading plan on the iPhone go?  So far, my theory is that when I deleted the "duplicate" OT reading plan, the iPhone thought it was completely gone.  It would follow, then, that I need to create the reading plan again.  I remember having to do that last time.  Obviously, this should not be happening.

Thanks and God bless,


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