Performance: Should be obvious, but... Defrag it!

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Sean | Forum Activity | Posted: Mon, Apr 15 2019 3:54 AM

Okay, so maybe half the Logos world knows this already, but I thought I'd share.

TL,DR: Defragment your non-SSD hard disk even if Windows tells you it doesn't need it.

In the last few months, performance on my relatively new-ish Windows 10 system has deteriorated dramatically. It's most visible in Logos 8, but it's affected other programs as well. It was rapidly approaching the point of unusable, so I started looking around for solutions. Most of the Windows speed tips I found on the internet didn't make any real difference.

I opened up my task manager and noticed disk read/write was going at 100% virtually all the time, even when I wasn't doing much of anything. So I went into disk tools to see what I could find. Plenty of free space (>400GB), no errors detected.

I also looked at disk optimization--what we used to call defragmentation. We used to have to get special utilities to do that, and it would take a long time. Well, with the new generation of Windows, all that is managed for you and done automatically at regular intervals. Windows reported my drive had been defragmented 2 days ago and didn't need to be done.

I told it to do it anyway.

WOW what a difference it made. My machine is almost back to how it was when I first bought it <2 years ago. EVERYTHING is much faster, including Logos. Not perfect; I don't have a super fast system or an SSD, but it is much better.

On a lark, I defragemented a much older, nearly unusable computer (doesn't have Logos on it) also running Windows 10. Its performance has also improved dramatically.

Something to try if other attempts at speeding things up aren't working, but PLEASE NOTE: don't do this with SSDs, only normal spinning disk hard drives. It's not recommended for SSDs.

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mab | Forum Activity | Replied: Mon, Apr 15 2019 10:38 AM

On a traditional hard drive this is something you should do if you freshly install Logos too. It ends up being massively fragmented. I've seen it as much as over 30% fragmented. 

I also run the defrag if I add a bunch of new resources for the same reason.

The Auslogics Free Disk Defrag is the best tool I've used for this purpose. It's exceptionally efficient and if offers a lot of options.

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